FTA Announce #19: GNU Linux Advanced

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Since January 2012 the FTA courses are organised in a bottom-up fashion: courses will take off if a sufficient number of participants have expressed their interest in a specific course and a minimum amount of tuition fees has been collected. The number of learners influences the degree of interaction, necessary to provide a fruitful learning experience.

For the GNU/Linux Advanced course we almost have reached the threshold with learners who have paid! The course is scheduled to take off on September 10th, 2012.

Interested? Please go to our Programme Page and follow the steps presented.

GNU/Linux Advanced

GNU/Linux systems have reached a level of maturity that allows to integrate them in almost any kind of work environment, from mobile phones to server farms.

The contents of the module "GNU/Linux Advanced" are mostly related to systems administration. Students will learn how to install, configure and optimise a GNU/Linux operating system and the most widely used computer services.

During this course students will engage in practical activities related to these topics, applying them in real GNU/Linux systems.

Basic knowledge and skills in GNU/Linux is recommended. Expertise in system administration in any platform is desirable background. Understanding the Concepts of Free Software and Open Standards is recommended.

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