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New FTA courses starting next month!

Following from our previous announcement, the Free Technology Academy is happy to announce new sessions for all these courses, starting on May 4th, 2015: Read more»

More FTA courseware used in Vietnam

We are happy to know from our friends in Vietnam that they have translated one more of our manuals in Vietnamese, in addition to the several ones they had already told us last December. Read more»

FTA Calendar 2015: a new website, more courses, and a new tutor

2014 has been a busy year for the Free Technology Academy (FTA), even if almost nothing of that activity was visible from the outside. Some of the fruits of this work, however, will be available at the beginning of 2015, as follows: Read more»

Free Technology Academy courseware used in Vietnam

December 15th, 2014: it is with great pleasure that we share the news from Mr Luu Van Hau, a member of the Vietnam Free and Open Source Software Association: Read more»

Online course on Copyright, and its impacts on art, entertainment and industry

we received, and gladly forward here, news of an interesting course: Read more»

FTA Campus registration temporarily suspended


We have suspended all new registrations, as well as guest access to the FTA campus, for the reasons explained here. Existing accounts still work for the moment, but will be closed when we will start with the new platform in September 2014. Again, please read the announcement to know why this is VERY GOOD NEWS, how to keep in touch with us. We look forward to welcome you in the new campus soon! New courses will start in September, and announced separately very soon.

Thanks for your interest!

FTA Announce #22: GNU Linux Advanced

Permanent link: http://ftacademy.org/announce/22

Since January 2012 the FTA courses are organised in a bottom-up fashion: courses will take off if a sufficient number of participants have expressed their interest in a specific course and a minimum amount of tuition fees has been collected. The number of learners influences the degree of interaction, necessary to provide a fruitful learning experience.

We already have learners lined up for a new session of the GNU/Linux Advanced that will take off on March 24th, 2014. Read more»

FTA Announce #21: FTA Courses and FKI/FTA infrastructure renovation

Permanent link: http://ftacademy.org/announce/21


Over the last years the Free Knowledge Institute has been building up a server infrastructure. Now has come the moment to restart. We'll be moving the most important parts to an archive and set up new systems at new servers. Read below the details! We have new courses starting in January: about cloud computing and how to set up your own cloud services. And the GNU/Linux Basic and Advanced courses.
Read more»

SURVEY: Peer Enhanced Learning

The Free Technology Academy is designing on a new peer-based model for online courses: the Enhanced Peer Learning (EPL) model. EPL courses can be delivered in an online campus using forums and other asynchronous communication tools to be as flexible as possible for learners. Read more»